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Welcome to our Antique Retailers Homepage

Go shopping for genuine Antiques in the UK High Street or online Auctions. If you ever wanted to own an antique, now is your chance to buy an affordable antique from an online auction site. But be sure to do a little research when discovering antiques that will look great in your home or office. Antique dealers in your High Town will be of great help for a small fee.

» Antique Auctions

If you're looking for only the finest and most affordable antiques around, then visit our online auctions homepage for antique listings and collectibles. From antique book auctions, to antique furniture and jewellery, you are sure to find only the best antique auctions in the UK. However, if you're looking to sell your old antiques found in your attic or maybe an old family heirloom, then be sure to validate the real price for it with antique dealers in your local area before entering any online auctions.

» Discover Real Antiques

When purchasing real antique Books, Jewellery and maybe even antique furniture, it is vital you have some knowledge in this department so you are not taking for a ride, and buying something made just a few years ago. However, more importantly, copied antiques is a real problem these days, so its very important you only buy from genuine UK Antique Dealers whether they be on the high street or genuine sellers on online auctions sites. Always look for buyer feedback and be sure you are buying from real dealers and not from rip-off merchants.

» Antique Dealers in UK

When buying and selling antiques in the United Kingdom, be sure to validate the price of the antique your buying, so you know the price if you sell it in online auctions, or even maybe in your local antique shop. Antique dealers are genuine antique specialists, involved in the trade for years, they can can spot an antique from yards away, whether it be real or a fake. However, you may need to travel a little further to validate your antique as some dealers only specialise in certain departments like antique toys, furniture and antique jewellery.

» Antiques in the UK

Genuine Antiques date back to more than 100 years ago, with only a few original pieces left, or better, the only piece left in the entire world, making it the most valuable item in the universe ...well maybe just to collectors anyways. Antique come in all types, such as Antique Toys from the Victorian days, old weaponry from WW1 and World War 2, old muskets from the American civil war, or real antique art dating back more than 500 years. Other genuine antiques can be furniture, books, home accessories like ornaments and sculptures, lamps, clocks, and your Granddad's old banger in the garage.

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