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Welcome to our Online Auction Sites Homepage

Looking for Gift Ideas, look no further than online auction websites with the very best prices. Shopping with online auction websites will often save you up to 70% of retailer price. Sellers can sell just about anything you can get your hands on, you can even start up your own internet business and use auction websites to sell your items and stock... saving costs on you're own shop.

» Online Auction Sites

Online auction websites in the UK allow anyone to sell their bits and bobs from around the home and make a nice bit of cash. There are only a few big UK auction sites like eBay, eBid, Bidz and QXL. However, whether your looking to sell antiques, jewellery and clothing, Arts and Crafts or even you're car or motorcycle, you can be assured you will always be able to sell your items... providing its legal, excludes Adult Items and weapons.

» Buying & Selling

You can sell with online auction sites with ease, simply because they take out all the fuss for you well generating a large number of visitors looking for what you want to sell. Buyers on the other hand can get there hands on just about anything they are looking for, with a few quick searches you can start bidding on the item you want... and the price you can afford. Did you know you can also buy from Government auctions at great prices.

» Bidding for Items

When you discover the item you would like to buy, its now time to bid against other members to win the auction and get the item you want. To increase your chances, try to bid with only a few minutes remaining, bidding a day or 2 before may very well increase the price when you could of got it cheaper. When you start bidding, this can very well start the bidding war early.

» Buy It Now

Sellers on auction sites don't always like to place there items in auctions, simply because they don't want to risk losing money if the items sell for a lot cheaper then they desired, and rightly so too. So they place their items on Buy it Now prices, so the price you see, is the price you pay... just like shop prices. However, always be sure its not over priced when you can get it far cheaper with an auction. Shop around and compare prices.

» Auctions Fee & Payments

For sellers on auction websites, you can expect to lose 30% profit with listing and selling fees alone. To decrease the costs, sell low prices items, add only one or 2 product images, and avoid using auction payment methods like PayPal. This is of course not to say you shouldn't use PayPal and other similar Credit Card processing services, but they can take as much as 20% from you. Allow the customer to pay by check or postal order whenever possible, and avoid online payments.

» Selling as a Business

If you're thinking about Starting up an Internet Business or an home based business, auction sites provide a great platform to sell your products from. If you have little or no knowledge of web design and selling from your own website, then auction sites are perfect. All you need to do is upload an image, write a description, and the price and postage and packaging, and your away. However, there is a little more work needed. People have to no about your products, so writing detailed description will help in search engines, and don't for get to tell all your friends and family, word-to-mouth is the best advertising.

AuctionairAuctionair - Start bidding on a range of products and save money with Auctionair. Buy and sell from a wide range of products for the home and garden.

Bidz UKBidz UK - As a LIVE online auction company, we provide the widest variety of fashionable jewellery available on the internet today.

eBideBid - Join the Auction Revolution at eBid UK, with zero fee auctions for the US, UK and Australian customers you can bid on almost anything.

PrelovedPreloved - Buying or selling second hand? Preloved is packed with nearly new and really old bargains in over 500 categories.


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