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Welcome to our Charity Homepage

Be kind and give to charity to help the children that really need it, People, Animals and World Poverty. Show your support for some of the UK’s most respected charities raising money for the people and animals that really need it. children get abused every day and children’s organizations need the money to support these children when they are taken away from people who course harm to them. With animals the situation is quite similar, animals get neglected every day because the owners have simply given up on them and they show there anger towards the venerable dogs, cats and even farm animals that don’t get fed. And of course bigger charities help raise money for food and water for people in need in poverty stricken countries who are unable to find water in countries such as Africa. However, you can do your bit for a good course or raise money for your own organization by coming up with new online Fundraising ideas.

Charities - If you are looking for a trusted non-profit charity organisation you wish to donate money or even clothing to, be sure to pop into your local charity shop on your high street. However, you can also find a wider range of online charities doing there part for sivilsation. You can donate to charity for children, povety charities for third world countries with a wonderful range of animal charities looking for animal well being.

Fundraising - If you are a company, club, or organisation and your looking to raise money for your own needs. Whether you need money to fund yyour local football team, or perhaps you need to generate more income to keep you local youth club going. Finding ways to make money really isn't difficult. Visit our online fundraisinf homepage and learn how you can set up your own Free webshop and start earning commission for your organisation whenever your supports buy something from your webshop.