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Welcome to our Computer Accessories Homepage

Where you will find computer peripherals, computer components, and PC furniture. Accessorise your PC with computer gadgets and decoration for your desktop and laptop. Shop for USB cables and USB drives with blank media for downloading your documents, photos, music and files off your computer. Consider updating your computer accessories with new speakers, mice and keyboards complete with mouse mats and wrist rests. Upgrade your computer with top of the range graphic cards, motherboards and a sound card for high performance PC gaming and entertainment on your PC.

» Computer Accessories

For any PC user our selection of computer accessories retailers below are sure to offer anything you need for the home and office. Shop for USB cables and leads and Surge Protectors. Devices such as USB drives will allow you to backup your personal files for complete protection against PC failure and file corruption. Blank Media such as CD recordables will let you download your Music from your PC with CD and DVD Rewriter media allowing you to copy your files, photos, music and movies to disc. You can also browse and shop for ink cartridges, laptop cases, CD cases and wallets, mouse mats and wrist rests for a greater experience on your computer.

» Computer Peripherals

Computer Peripherals offer upgrades on: PC monitors, external hard drives for storing 1,000's of files, Webcams for Internet Users, Connectivity Devices for Wireless Internet, Computer Speakers for better Sound, Scanners for uploading images, Headphones and PC Microphones, Keyboard and Wireless Mice, Projectors, VoIP and Skype Phones for the office. With computer peripherals any one can upgrade there computer experience with compact and more quality Computer Accessories also known as Peripherals. If you are buying a computer for the first time or you have little experience with this, not to worry when you buy a Computer it should come with all the Computer Accessories you'll need to get going.

» Computer Components

Computer and Laptop Components is the hardware inside your computer that makes your computer work. It contains the wires and technology that help you work around the computer with your keyboard and mice, it generates the images you see on your PC Monitor and the graphics and colours too. If you love PC gaming, top of the range graphics cards from GeForce, Nvidia and Inno3D will make your computer faster with sharper graphics for high demanding games. You rarely need to upgrade your Motherboard, but if you do there are plenty of affordable Asus motherboards, AS Rock, Gigabyte and MSI motherboards too. Also available is sound cards for incredible sound with faster and reliable processors too.

» Computer Furniture & Office

Whether you have a computer at home or in the office, computer furniture like office desks, filing cabinets, office chairs, workstations and computer hideaway for more computer security provides you a comfortable workspace for you and your PC. Additionally, our office supplies retailers offer stationary, photo paper for your printer, ink cartridges for all types of printers, label makers, packaging supplies for shipping items, Franklin machines and computer manuals, instructions and help books for learning how computer software works.

Calibre SuppliesCalibre Supplies - Calibre Supplies are specialists in computer consumables and accessories for all your needs.

Day2DayShopDay2DayShop - Day2dayshop is a leading Jersey-based 'VAT Free' retailer of competitively priced home consumables such as computers.

Hardware.comHardware - The leading UK online retailer for high quality networking hardware and accessories. With access to over 10 million networking product stock.

Memory BitsMemory Bits - Memorybits is the UK’s largest retailer for memory cards and mobile phone accessories.

MDS BatteryMDS Battery - MDS Battery offers a massive range of batteries: from hearing aid batteries to every type of laptop battery.

Micro DirectMicro Direct - Micro Direct supply customers a wide range of computer hardware and computer components for every day use.

MyMemoryMyMemory - My Memory supply you the widest range of digital memory products for your digital camera, computers, laptops and notebooks.

OffTekOffTek Computer Memory Upgrades - OFFTEK is the UK´s favourite online memory superstore. Over 30000+ memory upgrades can be purchased.


Computer Accessory Resources

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