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Welcome to our Computer Retailers Homepage

From here our computer retailers homepage we provide you buying a computer for beginners guide. The shopping guide for PC's below will provide you a few helpful tips and suggestions when buying a PC desktop or laptop in the UK. computers for beginners will point out a few things you need to know, including components and computer accessories you should get with your first PC package. This will not only save you money, but prevent you upgrading your machine at a later date because you weren't properly advised in the first place. Shop for computers for home and business with every day tasks such a internet browsing, word processing and gaming for the kids, with Networking for businesses. Find out what's best, a laptop or PC desktop and save even more with a second hand and refurbished computers.

» Computers for Beginners

If you are looking to buy a new Computer for the first time, don't worry, we hope to provide you a few tips before you buy your first PC. But before we continue, its much cheaper these days to buy your Desktop or laptop online. With that in mind, you can buy high performance computers for beginners from as little as £250. If you want to just play games, browse the internet or the kids to do there homework, this is the price range you need to look for. However, before you buy a computer, please make sure you have a hard drive with 200GB or more, lots of RAM, and its vital the computer comes with a keyboard and mice, but computer speakers are not vital, but recommended if you want to listen to music and sound. Getting the essential components for your PC the first time around will prevent you upgrading later as it can be a tricky task for beginners to add new stuff.

» Computers for Home & Office

Whether you plan to use the computer for home or at Work in the Office, there are a plenty of options for home and computers for business. If you use your computer at home for entertainment, then you are going to need a PC that can carry out every day tasks such as Internet Browsing and Word Processing for writing letters and documents. But it doesn't stop there, Computers for the Home allow you to download any Computer Software including PC Games, Photo Software, and Microsoft applications. But it will also allow you to Add a printer, scanner and update at a later stage if you wish. For Business Users, shop for a computer with Business services included which mainly includes Networking for connecting your PC to the office network.

» Buying a Desktop or Laptop

Buying a Desktop or Laptop is a hard decision to make, but we hope to provide you a few suggestions before you commit to a Computer. But firstly, we're start with Laptops. Laptops are small, compact and can carry out any task a normal size Desktop can do. But in terms of performance and convenience, desktops will always come out top. Because Laptops are small, there components are smaller therefore contains less Memory and Storage, so you will find PC's so much faster. Another fault with Laptops is there sheer size, because of this the keyboard is smaller and so is the keys, which often causes the user to hit 2 keys at a time. So overall, we are not to fond of Laptops, we favour Desktops for the following reasons. The Monitor is bigger for better visibility, the Keyboard is bigger. But most importantly the Desktop is much, much faster in performance. You also don't have to worry about bumping and dropping a Desktop which is always a concern with Laptops.

» Buying a Refurbished Computer

If you wish to save more, you can buy Refurbished Computers at the lowest possible price. Refurbished Computers are pretty much second hand computers, but they are thoroughly checked over for quality and sold back to the public. A refurbished computer isn't for everyone. You are more than likely going to want a brand spanking new computer. But if it's just Homework, Work Processing or Browsing the Internet, refurbished computers can do all that and so much more. So instead of £500, you can buy a PC for £200 that will carry out the same tasks, but a great deal cheaper. Remember you're not buying a computer that doesn't work, your buying a computer that as been checked over, repaired and components replaced if they needed to be. Allowing it to be resold at second hand prices.

Ballicom InternationalBallicom International - Ballicom are suppliers of quality computers and computer components for the business trade.

CurrysCurrys - Currys is the UK’s biggest Electrical retailer and offers one of the most extensive product ranges online (over 6,000 lines).

DellDell UK - Dell UK offers the latest technology at a great price. As well as world-class PCs and laptops, Dell sell printers, flat-screen TVs, and cameras.

DixonsDixons - Buy now at Dixons - Pay Next Year. Find a wide range of top branded desktops and notebooks from Sony to Hi-Grade

EuropcEuropc - Europc are one of the largest suppliers of discounted, surplus and factory refurbished computer equipment in the UK.

Hewlett PackardHewlett-Packard - HP online retail store supply the widest range of Hewlett Packard computers and accessories, providing customers with great quality.

Laptops DirectLaptops Direct - Laptops Direct are on of the UK's largest online retailers of new branded Laptops from all major manufacturers.

Laptop ShopLaptopshop - Laptop shop are one of the leading UK suppliers of laptops and accessories sold at unbeatable prices online.

MacWarehouseMacWarehouse - Macwarehouse offers everything Apple but complements this by understanding and respecting the PC environment as well.

MicroWarehosueMicroWarehouse - Supply high quality computer equipment and consumer electronics to consumers and business, at the lowest possible prices.

Morgan ComputersMorgan Computer Co - Buy surplus, end-of-line and refurbished computer equipment including notebook PCs, digital cameras, and printers.

PC WorldPC World - PC World offer a range of competitively priced products, including the latest technology from top computing brands.

Rock DirectRock Direct - The ultimate performance gaming laptops and notebooks. rock notebooks and laptops offer the ultimate in mobile performance.


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