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Welcome to our DVD & Game Swaps Homepage

Swapping your DVDs and games online couldn't be easier with 1,000s of other people in the UK looking for what you have to trade, in exchange for something you what or another item like a book, software and music CDs. Every day we receive or buy something we don't want anymore, so Game and DVD swap retailers allow anyone to trade the items they don't what for something of interest. It couldn't be easier to do with free registration and membership. All you need to do is find the DVDs and games you like to swap, list it on the swap site then wait for the matching program to find what you and the other guy wants to exchange or similar.

» Swap DVDs & Games for Free

Whenever you sign up to the selection of DVD swap retailers below, don't expect to pay anything to join and swap DVDs and games online. Swap your DVDs and games absolutely free from our range of UK based swap shops. They allow members to list there items for free, well you can chose what DVD or games your willing to swap with as other members will find your DVD and game listed. Swapping your DVDs and games couldn't be easier, simply list it, and wait for offers to come in. It's completely up to you who you wish to swap your DVDs with. As items very on quality, some may be brand new, others may be in tacky condition... you decide.

» Finding DVDs to Swap

Once you're registered for free, you can then go out on the swap site with the categories or search for a DVD or game you wish to swap using the swap search box often available from the list of swap sites below. To make it easy for you, you can narrow your search by movie or game genre, themes, studios and more. However, from your free account, you can get alerts from the swap sites through a matching program letting you know whenever a DVD or game comes available to swap and the other member wants your item to exchange. Swapping DVDs and games in the UK is fully legal, as no money is exchanged. The only thing you will have to pay for is posting your DVD and games, which should cost no more than £1.20 with Royal Mail.

» Swap CDs, Books & Other Stuff

Trading your items doesn't just stop with small items like DVDs, games, CDs and books. You can use a variety of swap retailers to trade almost anything. It's worth noting though the smaller the item your wish to trade, the cheaper it will cost to send in the post. You could on the other hand agree to pick up the item and exchange your product there and then. You could swap your books, trade your music CDs, your small furniture, clothing, shoes, computers and PC accessories, trade your computer software, and even your car. Be sure you wish to trade the item though, as you could make a bit of money selling it through an auction site.


DVD & Game Swap Resources

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