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Welcome to our 60th Gift Ideas Homepage

Sixtieth Birthdays are a very special time, regarded as one of the most important birthdays in a persons lifetime. We have provided you a wide range of 60th birthday present gift ideas below when searching for special gifts ideas for both men and women. Whether you're a husband looking for birthday presents for your wife, or a Wife looking for Gift Ideas for your husband, you may even be a son or daughter looking for a unique 60th birthday gift ideas for your mum or dad they will never forget. Please look below for 60th gift ideas, with men's gift suggestions on the left, and women's on the right.

Gifts for Men's 60th Birthdays :: Gifts for Women's 60th Birthdays

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - 60th birthday presents for men offer many options depending on his taste. Whether he's a huge hobbyist or just needs an adventure, we have it!

Men's Experience Gifts - Adventure Gift Ideas for Men's 60th Birthday range from a Driving Experience to a more relaxing flying Experience. Men looking for great Activity Gift Ideas can either Drive a Ferrari or a Sports car, Drive a Tank, Go Karting, Motorcycling and more... Gift Ideas for Mens 60th Birthday doesn't have to be extreme. Take a Hot Air Balloon flight, Aeroplane Flight, or even an Helicopter Flight. However, you can also consider buying a couple of Aeroplane or Helicopter Lessons as they are very popular right now with flying schools in your area.

Men's Grooming Gifts - Our Men's Grooming retailers provide the widest selection of Male Grooming Products in the UK. Grooming Products make wonderful 60th Birthday Presents for Men. Shop for Shaving Products for men including Razors, Electric Shavers, and Shaving Gel from leading Brand Names. Buy male Haircare Products with Electric Hair Shavers, Styling Gels and Cone Sets for the discerning gentlemen. Mens Grooming Products also include Deodorant and Mens Aftershaves from leading designer names.

Men's Fashion Gifts - Mens Clothing and Fashion make a perfect 60th Birthday Presents and is most welcome on men's birthdays. Gentlemen will love a new pair of Mens Shoes or Mens Slippers for around the house. Our Menswear Retailers provide a range of stylish Mens Suits as well as Shirts, Ties and Mens Cufflinks for every taste. If he's not into suits, then you're be pleased to find a range of Leisurewear for Men with Cardigans, Jumpers, Trousers and Mens Shorts for the holidays.

Men's Gift Ideas - We would like to suggest a few Gift Ideas for Mens 60th Birthday Presents you may find within your budget. Men find a great interest on the telly and will have their favourite TV Programmes. Find what they like and buy TV Programmes from our DVD Shops in the UK with classics such as Only Fools and Horses, Porridge, and Open All Hours all starring the great David Jason. If he likes to read shop from 1,000s of Book Titles including WW11 Books, UFOs, Aviation, Motoring Books and more. Mens Gift Ideas also include Car Accessories for his Motor, Gardening Tools and DIY Tools too.

Men's Hobby Gifts - Men have tons of Hobbies from Women to Motors, DIY to Movies. But a Gift Idea for something they really love provide them something they can really cherish. DIY enthusiasts will love a set of Woodworking Tools from Saws to Power Tools to carry out there job in the shed or garage. Guys who love Model Making will love a new World War 2 model they can work on complete with paints and brushes. However, if he doesn't quit have an hobby yet, why not get him into R/C, Radio Control Models. What guy wouldn't love an R/C Car doing over 60mph, or a Plane or RC Helicopter flying around the air. Other great hobby gift ideas include books on there favourite subject, DVDs, and even software for there computer.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women - 60th birthday presents for women offer many beautiful and feminine gift ideas. Whether she needs a days pampering or clothes shopping!

Women Experience Gifts - Experience Gift Ideas for Womens 60th Birthday provide lots of inspiration for women's birthday presents. 60th Birthday Presents for Women include a Pampering Break at one of many Health Spas around the UK. If Pampering isn't her thing, Health Spas offer all sorts of other Beauty Treatments for her such as Spas, Wraps, Manicures, Sauna's, and even Tanning. If she needs a real gift experience, consider a Helicopter Flight or Hot Air Ballooning as a unique gift to her. You may also consider a Driving Experience with driving Beautiful cars around a race track.

Women's Beauty Gifts - You can't go wrong with women's Health and Beauty products for 60th Birthday presents and gift ideas. As well as a wide choice of Makeup, consider buying Beauty Gifts that show real effort and consideration. Moisturising Creams, Lip Balms and Footcare products work wonders for ladies in the sixties with dry hands and feet, with Anti Aging Creams also work a treat. However, if she's not in need of Healthcare Products, browse 1,000s of Beauty products with Cosmetics, Makeup, Fragrances and more.

Women's Fashion Gifts - Clothes Shopping for Women's 60th Birthday provides a widest range of clothes for any fashion taste. If she's a little old-fashion, shop for Womens Leisurewear for Ladies Jumpers, Cardigans, Shorts and Skirts. Women in their Sixties who require a younger fashion taste can buy Womens Designer Jeans, Summer Dresses, Skirts, and Women's Trousers. You may also consider buying Beautiful Womens Underwear, and Ladies Fashion Accessories for Designer Handbags too.

Women's Gift Ideas - Great general Gift Ideas for Womens 60th Birthday Presents include accessories for the home with Picture Frames and Ornaments for the fireplace. If she loves her soaps and TV Programmes buy the UK's favourites on DVD like Midsummer Murders, or Comedies and Romantic movies on DVD. Our Music Retailers provide all the Music CDs she'll need and you will be able to find all the Music she likes. If she enjoys reading browse Novels, or even a Magazine Subscription with her favourite topics available. Our Motoring Retailers also provide Car Accessories for Girls in a range of girlie styles and colours.

Women's Hobby Gifts - You can find a range of hobby gift ideas for girls ranging from Arts and Crafts, to Home Improvements and Interior Design. Our Craft Retailers supply a choice of Card and Scrapbooking kits as well as Sewing Machines and Sewing Accessories. If she is in need of a new hobby, then Photography is the way to go. She will just love a new Digital Camera complete with Camera Case and Memory Card. If she's into gardening a selection of Gardening Tools will be most welcome especially gardening gloves and knee pads. If she's a fitness enthusiasts our Fitness Retailers will do nicely as will our Sports Equipment shops. If she enjoys cycling our Bicycle Retailers supply all the bike accessories she'll ever need.