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Welcome to our Handbags & Purses Homepage

Go online shopping with CLLadies shop for cheap Designer Handbags and Purses at affordable prices. Our Handbag Retailers sell the very best Burberry and Gucci Handbags and Purses with many more designer brands available. Guys can shop for Men's Wallets with optional pockets for save keeping. Athletes find Sports Bags and accessories as well as Travel bags for those of you going on holiday or abroad.

» Purses & Handbags for Women

Our collection of Purses and Handbag Retailers in the UK provide a wide selection of bargain Designer Purses and Handbags from Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Tods and Dior to name a few. Shop for real Leather Handbags, PVC, Denim and Plastic. Our Fashion Accessories retailers provide only the best British, Spanish and Italy made Handbags and Purses. Please browse our collection of Handbag and Purses retailers now.

» Purses & Handbag Gift Sets

As well as offering dozens of Handbags and Purses from our online Retailers as single items, you can also shop for Designer Womens Handbags and purses as sets. Select from Leather handbags with matching purses, or what about Burberry matching sets. The range of Burberry Handbags, Purses, and Burberry Wallets make great gifts for Kids and Teens alike. If you fancy something a bit more fancy, what about Gucci.

» Handbags for Girls

If you're looking for a suitable bag or handbag for your daughter, then look no further. Our Handbag Retailers sell a wide range of Handbags for School, for leisure or Sports... all at affordable prices. The difference with Handbags for girls compared to women's handbags, they don't look as mature as ladies bags, Instead you can buy Handbags with Cartoon characters, or something a little more mature for teens in school.

» Travel Wallets

Travel Wallets are slightly different to conventional men's wallets. Travel wallets are longer for holding passports and Airline Tickets so to avoid bending or creasing down the middle. Travel Wallets and Cases are also useful for holding your money, pictures and accessories you would normally keep in your wallet. Ideal Travel Bags include Travel Waist Bags, Money Belts and Passport Cases, all suitable for keeping your Travel Accessories save when going abroad.

» Wallets for Men

Shopping for Men's Wallets? Our choice of Mens Wallets offer all the save keeping required when carrying cash and Credit Cards. Buying Gucci Wallets are far cheaper than you would expect to pay for designer names like Gucci. When shopping for Mens Wallets, always look for the pockets you require such as a Zip Fastening Wallets for your spare change, tight and secure pockets for all your credit and debit cards and a zip around for your notes. Buy Gucci Wallets, Burberry Wallets for the Boys and even Unisex Wallets for the ladies and gents. Unisex Wallets do look more like blokes.

» Sports Bags

Athletes involved in sporting events ranging from Football, Rugby to even P.E. in school can go shopping for Sports and Gym bags suitable for holding wet and damp towels and clothing, to the wear and tear you would expect from sportsmen and women alike. Buy quality Sports Bags in a variety of colours and designer names in Sportswear from Nike, Reebok to Adidas Sports Bags. Your sports bag should withstand rubbing from football and rugby boot and studs and the wetness outside, on damp floors and in changing rooms where moisture builds up. Gym and Sports bags have one rope or lace fastening for easy access to your sportswear.

» Authentic & Replica

When buying a Designer Womens handbags or Purses, always find out whether its an Authentic Handbag or Purse from the designers, and not a knocked off version. Knocked off versions can actually be legal, but illegal Replica Handbags are widely sold across the web. To avoid buying a cheap knock off, always read the product description from the retailer before purchasing to avoid disappointment when it arrives.