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Welcome to our Shopping Guide Homepage provides 100’s of shopping resources for our UK and Worldwide visitors offering 1000’s of retailers from more than 250 shopping categories. We hope to provide you a shopping guide for international shopping and how best to take advantage of our retailers listed. Please find below a selection of the most popular features here on and learn more how you can best use our services.

» International Delivery

Here on we have to provide shoppers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe a selection of UK based retailers and of course worldwide retailers offering international shipping and delivery. Every retailer we know who provides this service we will be sure to let you know by adding the relative details below there listed so you are able to see instantly whether a certain shop offers worldwide delivery or delivery to your country. With many retailers offering this service, we have listed international shipping details with every shop, store and online retailer available within our shopping directory.

» Free Delivery

Many online Retailers can be very generous when it comes to delivery costs. However, even better offers include free delivery for any orders you make, or orders over a certain value. This provides huge savings for consumers and shoppers on the net and does not cost you much more than the price you’re paying for with the Products or purchased.

» Postage & Packaging Costs

When you make an order from an online retailer, be sure to get a better idea of the item you purchased and how much it will cost you for delivery in the UK. For basic items such as DVDs, CDs, books average delivery costs should cost you about £2.00 to £5.00. However, larger items such as: TVs, furniture and electrical appliances would cost up to £10.00 or even £30.00 UK Pounds. Most importantly don’t be taken for a ride, once in a while you may feel your getting a great saving, but you may not know it you will be paying high Postage and Packaging costs. This is usually common on eBay as people feel they can make up the difference by charging extra on the delivery costs. This can sometimes cost as nearly as much as the items purchased, so please be careful with this.

» Secure Shopping

For any online shopper, it is vital you keep your personal information safe and away from potential fraud on the internet. When shopping online from e-commerce retailers, be sure there is a small picture of a GOLDEN LOCK on the bottom right and corner of you screen you looking at. This tells you that the retailer is run on a secure server, preventing anyone from stealing your credit card and other personal details when you place it on an order form to process your order online. Without this feature the shop in question may not be secure and vulnerable to hackers. Once in a while you may be taken to a third party website to process your order; PayPal in particle need you to login to your PayPal account to fully process your order.

» Currency Converter

For international delivery especially it is vital you know how much you are spending rather then taking a lucky guess. Please be sure the online retailer offers a currency converter whereby all the Products on their Website will change into your own currency. However, if this feature is not available to you, you can always us a free currency converter tool on the internet. Please consider using our currency converter Below.

» Returns & Refunds

Before purchasing from a retailer in the UK or Worldwide, be sure to learn more about their returns and refunds policy. Most returns and Refunds policies include Wrong Item sent or broken items. To be entitled to a full refund, do not open the item or you could be entitled to only a partial refund. Many retailers will allow you to return the item within 30 days to receive your full refund. For international orders, delivery costs may be paid for you including UK Delivery. Now and again, international orders may not be required for to be sent back if the error was the retailers mistake.