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Welcome to our Number Plates Homepage

Personalised car number plates make wonderful ideas for car enthusiasts and car owners alike. Get your boring old car number plate changed to a fun and funky Personalised Number Plate. With your imagination, you can think of dozens of novelty number plates, but if your struggling for number plate ideas, our collection of car number plate providers below offer all the inspiration you'll need. Have the first few letters of your first or second name spelt on your number plate or how about a naughty (but completely legal) number plate. Car personalised number plates are created to the DVLA and following all rules and regulations in the UK.

» Personalised Number Plates

Buy a Personalised Car Number Plate for your Motor and impress your friends and family. Like Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, he had a Car Number Plate Del 1, and you can have a similar Personalised Car Number Plate too from as little as £40.00. From our selection of Number Plate Registrars below, you can get your number plate transferred to a Novelty Number Plate. You may search for your own number plate from our number plate services below or suggest your own legal UK Number Plate as regulated by the DVLA. However, our Car Number Plate providers offer normal number plates too.

» Personalised Number Plate Ideas

There are absolutely 1,000's of quality Personalised Car Number Plates available for purchase, its just getting some Number Plat Ideas that's the problem. People you go for there own Personal Number Plate usually have the first 3 letters of there first or second name such as: NIK, RICK, MIC, DAV, KAY, BRI and so many more. You name have to be legally registered with the correct numbers and letters. But there are plenty of other options such as VIP 1 and RU55 ELL. If you find a registered Personalised Number Plate, it may be available in a number plate auction for you to bid on. But its worth knowing personal number plates are sold for Millions of Pounds these days, so it may be a cheaper option to finding and registering you're own suggested car number plate that is of courses a legal UK number plate.

» Number Plate Regulations

Following the legal regulation of number plates by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) the 'Display of Registration Marks for Motor Vehicles' is set by the following legal UK requirements: The typeface, the size, colouring, and the number plate must be made of a reflecting material with a size restriction on the numbers on the plate. You're be happy to know our list of Number Plate Providers below create all number plates by UK regulations on number plate and is fully legal. Number plates can be sold to almost anyone with a car, with prices ranging from £30.00 or a massive £10.000. If you have any concerns regarding your personalised number plates, be sure to contact one of our number plate registrars below for further information.

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