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Welcome to our Music Downloads Homepage

For the best legal music downloads try our range of UK music download sites below for the best service on chart music downloads. Whatever taste you have in music, you can be sure to find the songs, albums and even TV themes you wish to download from as little as £0.40 per song. Download chart music for free isn't available unfortunately, but you can download music for free with special offers often available from our music download sites below. We have also suggested a few ideas below for listening to music for free on the internet that's completely legal. If you're willing to pay for chart music, our music download sites offer you great savings on the more songs you download. Once more, we have also provided you a few ideas for saving and storing your music in a save place in case your computer fails.

» Music Downloads for Free

Downloading chart music for free isn't available legally. However, you shouldn't be to disheartened, as there are a couple of solutions for obtaining free music downloads from the Internet. The first, and best option would be to sign up to anyone of our Music Download services for free, as they often provide special offers for new customers with free trails. If you don't like the service, simply unsubscribe and you have free songs you may have downloaded completely free. However, if you are happy to not download music, simply visit a website like YouTube, where you can search and find almost any song you desire. It's YouTube's responsibilty to remove any illegal music, so as long as its there, you can listen to it over and over again as long as its available.

» Paid for Legal Music Downloads

If you are up to paying for legal Music downloads to your computers we are pleased to offer you a great range of trusted UK music download websites. Sign up to anyone of our paid music download sites below and browse 1,000's of popular and classic music from all over the world. If there is a song or theme you like from years ago, they are sure to offer it for download from as little as £0.40 per song. The more music you download, the cheaper each download will become. Paid music downloads in the UK will provide you a full licence to download the music for your personal use so you can keep it on your computer or download it to your MP3.

» Save Your Music Downloads

Whether you pay to download one song or even 100's of music downloads, its even more important you store your music downloads in a save place. If you're computer fails, as they often do, you will lose all your music downloads. The only way to get them back would be to pay for music downloads again. However, to be assured you won't lose your music downloads, buy recordable CDs from our music retailers or computer retailers so you can back up your music as soon as possible. If you have an iPod or MP3 player, better still download it onto it as soon as the download is complete to be sure your downloads are safe. Finally, you can store your music downloads to a USB driver, a very affordable device for storing 1,000's of files and music downloads.

AudibleAudible - The destination for digital audio entertainment that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

iTunesiTunes GB - iTunes offer more thanr 1.2 million songs to preview, buy and download at iTunes. Signup and you'll be downloading quality songs.

Karaoke IslandKaraoke Island - We offer downloadable mp3 karaoke songs with a Freeware PC karaoke player, Midi-files with lyrics and karaoke software.

Napster UKNapster UK - Napster offer more than 1,600,000 tracks. All the music you want, any way you want it. Napster is one of the biggest names in music.

Song GalaxySong Galaxy - Sing with the Stars! Backing Tracks out of this World. 6000+ Audio Backing Tracks 2000+ MIDI-files. Karaoke Files.


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