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Welcome to our Pets Homepage

Our pet homepage is devoted to pet owners and lovers offering the UK's leading online pet retailers and pet insurance providers. Pet owners will be delighted to visit our range of online pets retailers selling pet products for your dog, cat, birds and any pets available. These respected pet retailers sell everything a pet owner will need so be sure to shop around and compare prices. We hope to provide you all there pet gift ideas your need when shopping for dogs and cats and not to mention, birds, fish and even reptiles. Get full protection on your vet bills with low cost pet insurance from some of the UK's leading oline pet insurers from £5.00 a month for dogs and cats.

Gift Ideas for Dog Owners - Great gift ideas for dog owners and dog lovers alike include a new dog collar and lead sets from our online pet retailers for gog accessories. Buy dog clothing for the winter and even pet insurance cover as a special gift. Dogs love being groomed, and a grooming set will be much appreciated not only by the dog, but the dog owner too. Old dogs will love a new dog bed with dog bedding to.

Gift Ideas for Cat Owners - Cat owners and cat lovers will just love the range of cat products and cat accessories available from our cat retailers. For outdoor cats, shop our online pet retailers for a choice of cat flaps in a variety of styles and colours to suit the cat owners house door. Cat hygiene products include cat litter trays, shampoos and cat healthcare products. If you wish to give a great gift to something a little bit special, why not buy the cat owner Pet Insurance online.

Pet Food - Pet food and treats are available to all pets whether its dog food, cat food or even fish food. Buy dog food from well respected names including Pedigree and Bakers offering big dogs with large bags and cans for little dogs and puppies. Shop for cat food with Whiskas in meal and bite size. Cat food provides a great variety with cans for kittens as well. However, if you would like to experiment, why not consider making your own pet food. Buy pet recipe books and stir up you're own treat for your pet. Pet Books provide some cooking recipes for pets and provide all the inspiration.

Pet Toys - When shopping for new toys, shop for hard to soft toys whether its a kitten, puppy, cat or dog you're shopping for. With young dogs and puppies alike, they just can't get enough of dog toys to play with including balls and soft dog toys for tiny dogs and puppies who can't lift heavy toys with hard balls and play bones. A great alternative to dog toys for puppies it actual children's cuddly toys, but be careful it doesn't tear easy. Buy toys for cats and decorative toys for fish tanks with toys for birds, hamsters, rabbits, Ginny pigs, and gerbils widely available from our selection of online Pet Retailers.

Ponds & Fish - Whether your a gardener looking for fish pond accessories, someone looking to buy a new Gold Fish or if your looking to buy a fish set for a child, you've come to the right place. Our gardening and pond retailers supply a great range of garden ponds in all sizes. Aquariums make wonderful gifts for dad or granddad with fish tanks for Goldfish making great gift ideas for children. Once more, you can also buy all the fish foods, oxygen tanks, and gravel you'll need at great prices.

Pet Insurance - Save money on your vet bills with online Pet Insurance providers offering cheap pet insurance made for pet owners hoping to save money. For as little as £4.00 a month you can be sure your dog or cat is always covered against injuries, illnesses and the elements outside that often sends us to the vets with our pets. Don’t look at one pet insurer be sure to look around and get a quote on the cheapest pet insurance when comparing pet insurance. Always compare prices as you will be amazed how much you can save.