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Welcome to our Camera Insurance Homepage

If you have purchased a digital camera or are thinking about buying one from any one of the UK's camera rtailers, its always a good idea to get cover on your camera against damage, theft or loss. The camera insurance providers below offer professional and amateur photographers great deals on camera insurance at affordable prices. However, there Insurance doesn't just cover your camera. Camera insurance also covers professional and amateur photographers equipment so you are always covered in the home and outdoors when taking photo's.

» Save Money on Camera Insurance

Before you ever think about buying camera insurance, it's important you always shop around for the cheapest UK camera insurance. Camera insurers can be quite expensive, but shopping around for the best photographer equipment insurance will insure you have the best price when covering your digital camera and Accessories however cheap or expensive your Photography Equipment is. However, you may also consider getting cover on your camera with your home contents insurance. If another member in your household provide home content insurance, be sure to get your photography equipment listed as the cheapest solution to UK photographers and there camera equipment.

» What is Camera Insurance?

Camera insurance works just like car insurance, if your camera or your camera equipment is damaged or stolen from thieves, you will get complete protection on the cost of your camera equipment and be able pay for a replacement at no great cost, because your paying camera insurance monthly or yearly whatever suits your budget. As well as your camera being the main Insurance cover, photographic equipment that can also be covered include: projectors, recorders, camcorders, darkroom equipment and accessories and so much more.

» Top Camera Insurance Claims

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