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Welcome to our Starting Up Business Homepage

Thinking about starting up a business? Get all the business Advice and Ideas you need below. If you are planning to start your own internet or home based business then you are going to need some guidance, help and advice along the way - including some business ideas anyone can start up with very little money needed. Before you start you must really decide what option is best for you and do your research. Each business idea as its own costs and if you are able to splash the cash then that's a good start already. If you only have a small budget however (£100 or less) then it certainly is still possible for you to start your own internet or home based business.

Quick Links :: Selling on eBay & Auction Sites :: Online Shop :: Drop Shipping :: Affiliate Site :: Your Business Idea :: Business Stationary :: Are Your Registered Self-Employed :: Online Advertising Vs. Off Line :: What to Sell :: Niche Market

» Selling on Auction Sites

One time there was very little business opportunities for new shops to sell their products online other than through their own website. Thankfully eBay came along, now everyone can buy and sell online. If your Starting up a Business, consider selling from online auction websites, from there you can add products images, prices and descriptions and accept Credit Cards through Payment Providers. You may also consider getting your own eBay store, for a small fee a month, you will get all the benefits business members receive with promotions and discounts.

» Online Shop

If you're thinking about Starting up a Shop online, consider using an eCommerce Store from any good UK Web Hosting Company. With an e-Commerce website you can upload product images, add prices, tax and VAT, process Credit Card and Debit transactions and more. Your customers will be able to navigate a simple shop and place there orders into the Shopping Cart with the use of Shopping Cart Software, available with your e-commerce account. Browse and compare cheap web hosting services before you start.

» Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is fast becoming a highly popular form of supplying orders to customers. If you are going to use Dropshipping, use UK Drop Shipping if you are based in the UK to avoid any import duties and high postage costs from international Drop Ship wholesalers. Drop Shipping is a great solution for those people with lack of storage space and unable to stock items in their own home or office. To find out the reliability of any chosen drop ship wholesaler, consider making a few trial runs without spending to much. You can do this by only sending small orders (perhaps under £10.00 or so) and see if they can delivery these goods to your customers (or yourself) as promised.

» Affiliate Site

If you have very little budget to Start your own UK Internet business then you are going to need a solution with very little money involved... What you need is an Affiliate Based Website. First thing get yourself a website with a UK Web Hosting service. If you not any good with HTML, CSS or Web Design, then use a very simple to use SiteBuilder and DIY Website Tools to build and publish your website. Now sign up to an Affiliate Network for Free, join a few Affiliate Programmes, and place the HTML code your given onto your web pages. In return, you will earn commission for every sale your responsible for generating. To learn more about Affiliate Marketing, check out this Affiliate Marketing Blog in the UK.

» Your Business Idea

Whatever business idea you decide to pursue, whether its from our suggestions above or maybe your own unique business idea, before you carry on, you must keep your Business Idea a secret... to keep away the competition. You can however, let everyone know once you've got your business up and running. If your business sells a unique service or a product designed, and created by you, you should consider Protecting Your Idea with the UK Patent Office to protect ideas, inventions and logos.

» Business Stationary

When coming up with a business plan for your new business venture, shop for all the Business Stationary and Supplies you will need for your office. This way you can better organise your business finances. Shop for folders and binder for your files and financial papers, ink for your printer when writing letters, envelopes and mailing supplies. When you Start up a Business, you don't have to get all your supplies at first, you will get a better idea what stationary you're need as time goes on.

» Are you Registered Self-Employed?

When you start up a new business, you are required to register your business details within 3 months, failing to do so and you could be fined from the HM Revenue & Customs (Inland Revenue). However, there's no need to be put off, anyone over the age of 16 years can register self-employed, and a spare 20 or so minutes you can fill in your business name, your name and address and a few other details and that's it. You can always register over the phone to, it only takes 10 minutes. For more help, consider buying Starting up in Business Books or DVDs

» Online Advertising Vs. Off Line

Well, Online Advertising and Marketing of your business couldn't be easier, offline marketing however, as huge benefits for most business, but its not always the solution. For example, if your an affiliate based website or perhaps you sell web hosting, then your target audience is going to be those customers online. So advertising through Pay Per Click services or Search Engines is the better option. However, if you sell toys, clothing, etc. an advertisement in the local paper will work wonders. Also word to mouth is the best form of advertising.

» What to Sell

Before you can think about starting up a new business, you are going to need something to sell, or provide a service of some kind. If you wish to sell products, you are going to need to spend a lot of your time searching for Wholesalers and business suppliers selling to small businesses. Consider looking at Wholesale Directories or use the yellow pages. You may also be interested using Search Engines as well to find good reliable UK Wholesalers and suppliers.

» Niche Market

How many clothing websites are on there on the internet today, 100's, 1,000's maybe. The truth is, for new companies it can be incredibly hard to complete with all the business on the web. Find a market that has very little websites selling these products, such as a shop dedicated to shoe laces or inner soles. This way you don't have to compete with big competition, and you can get hold of all the consumers looking for shoe laces alone. Niche Markets are really the way to go these days.

  • Business Link: Practical Advice for Business Start Up.
  • HM Revenue & Customs: Starting up a new Business Tax Advice.
  • UK Intellectual Property Office: Protect your Ideas and Designs.